Summer Vacation Recycling Tips

Whether you’re sunning it up in San Juan or seeking adventure in the Adirondacks this summer, some things slip your mind. Tropical drinks, sand in your hair, kids all running amuck—the last thing anyone thinks about on vacation is responsibility. And understandably! You work hard, and you play hard, too. But that doesn’t mean all you know should go right out the scenic window of your three-and-a-half-star hotel.

When you’re camping, road-tripping, or seeing the sights this summer, respectfully recycle with the following tips:

1. Road trips—you love them or hate them. And if you love them, chances are you’ve brought along a good soundtrack, lots of snacks, and a cooler filled with soda. Bring a long a few trash bags to stow your empty cans, bottles, wrappers, and rubbish in. Keep your car clean and your conscious, too!

2. No Vacancy for litter. If you’re overnight at a hotel, ask the clerk at check-in about the best way to recycle items from your room. And waiting for the maid in the morning is probably not the best way! It’s never acceptable to trash an item that can be recycled; take action where you stay.

3. Reuse, reduce. It’s hard to take the kids into the pharmacy or dollar store in the summer time without coming out with brightly-colored shovels, pails, and sand molds. But instead of buying MORE plastic, look around your home for interestingly-shaped objects or buckets. A serving spoon is much more durable than a flimsy plastic shovel!

4. Prepping for the trip. It can be exciting to pick up last-minute items before going on holiday this summer. Hair care items, new perfume, after shave, and sunblock too. But think about your options—what is most responsible and cost-effective: buying one of every travel-size product on the shelf, or purchasing reusable bottles to fill with mouthwash, body wash, shampoo, conditioner, etc? Make the best decision for you and the environment.

For more tips on how to GO GREEN in summer ’17, scroll through the rest of our blog, or contact the Cumberland County Improvement Authority at 856.825.3700.

Summer Crafts and Activities for Kids Using Recycled Materials

Now that school is out and summer is in, there’s a whole lot of extra time on your kids’ hands. And whether you’re a parent, camp counsellor, childcare worker, or Sunday school teacher, we think these crafts made from recycled materials will both encourage creativity and show the beauty of reinvention.
Check out the list below as compiled by


What You’ll Need:
• Glue
• Pencil
• Paintbrush
• Carboard or cardstock
• Dry beans in different sizes and colors (kidney, black beans, peas, lentils, etc.)

What You’ll Need to Do:

1. Sketch a rough design on the cardboard or cardstock of your choosing. For this project, it is best to keep it simple.
2. Using the paintbrush, spread glue on a portion of your design. Please note, too much glue will make flimsy cardboard curl.
3. Press beans of different color, size, and shape into the portion with glue to bring your design to life!



What You’ll Need:
• Toilet paper or paper towel roll
• Paint
• Paintbrush
• Small paper plate
• String or yarn
• Glue
• Scissors
• Hole Punch

What You’ll Need to Do:
1. Paint the paper plate and toilet paper roll with a color or design, and embellish as desired.
2. Allow the roll and paper plate to dry, and punch three holes at the bottom of the roll, forming a triangle at the edge.
3. On the other end, punch two holes directly across from another.
4. Glue the roll down at the center of the plate with the two holes facing down.
5. Loop your yarn or string through each of the three holes at the top, fill with birdseed, and suspend!



What You’ll Need:
• Clothespins
• Buttons, google eyes, glitter, embellishments
• Hot glue gun
• Magnet strips
• Poster board
• Pencil
• Paint/Markers
• Scissors

What You’ll Need to Do:
1. Trace the first letter of your name on the poster board about 3 inches in height, and use your materials to embellish the letter to your desire.
2. Carefully cut out the letter from the poster board, careful not to leave any rough edges.
3. On the backside of your clothespin, adhere the magnetic strip using a hot glue gun, and let dry.
4. On the front side of your clothespin, glue on your cut-out letter, careful not to let hot glue run down the back.
5. Hang up on your fridge, and voila!

For more on summer recycling, contact the Cumberland County Improvement Authority at 856.825.3700.

Cumberland County Improvement Authority Hosts NJCCC Safety Training

MILLVILLE, NEW JERSEY. (June 26, 2017) – Participants in the NJ Clean Communities Certification Program (NJCCCP) attended the last phase of their curriculum in Cumberland County on Friday, June 23, 2017 at Wheaton Arts in Millville. NJCCCP is a training program developed by NJ Clean Communities Council (NJCCC) and administered by the Rutgers Office of Continuing Professional Education to provide Clean Communities coordinators with the skills they need to effectively manage Clean Communities programs.

The day began with a presentation by Karla Rossini of Citizens United Maurice River and an introduction to the Maurice River. The history of the region as well as its future was provided by Ms. Rossini to the group attending from various Southern New Jersey municipalities.

Anthony Riviera, County Coordinator for Recycling and Clean Communities, gave the safety training demonstration prior to the actual cleanup on the Maurice River Nature Trail. The safety kit given to Cumberland County volunteers was described and Cumberland County clean community programs, such as Adopt-a-Road, were highlighted.

Clean-up of the Maurice River Nature Trail began at Sharp Street Park, ending at Waltman Park. Many of the sites and foliage pointed out in the CU Maurice River presentation were discovered along the way.

Refreshments were provided by Millville eatery, BJ Roasters. The following received certificates from Sandy Huber, NJCCC Executive Director: Robert Anderson and Christine Stackhouse of Wildwood, Rachel Barton of Burlington County, Stephen Camp and William Macomber of Avalon, Deborah DeShields and Nathan Dunn of Fairfield Township, Carol Evans and Brad Griffin of Little Egg Harbor, Rebecca Gibula of Stone Harbor, Gary Sloan of North Wildwood, Linda Thomas of Lower Township, Raymond Sloan of Manchester Township, and entertainer Bill Kerwood of Magical Results.

A tour of Wheaton Arts museum, craftsmen and exhibits completed the day’s activities, highlighting the culture and history of Cumberland County.

In addition to its environmental related initiatives, the Cumberland County Improvement Authority is responsible for the development, financing and project management of projects and programs most vital to sustaining the economic and environmental future of the County and the state of New Jersey. The Authority works in tandem with the Cumberland County Board of Chosen Freeholders to foster greater economic growth, business development and quality of life for all Cumberland County residents.

Contact: Anthony J. Riviera III
Cumberland County Improvement Authority 2 North High Street
Millville, NJ 08302
Phone: (856) 825-3700 x 2010
Fax: (856) 825-8121

Green Goings in Cumberland County

It always bestows pride into our hearts when the community that we actually live in is making tangible differences in our earth and local environment. It only makes sense that as a part of the “Garden State” Cumberland County is actually taking steps to preserve wild life, go green, and make advancements with natural gas that can create safe, clean, and affordable transportation fuel. To see what we are doing environmentally to make a positive impact reading below:

1. Did you know that Cumberland County is home to the Delaware Bay Shore Preserve? This Preserve offers a ton of cool things to not only the environment, but students, researchers, and tourists. It’s actually so cool, that The University of Delaware often holds outdoor classes and research studies on the Preserve! Delaware Bay Shore Preserve, serves as a feeding area for migratory shorebirds, a spawning area for horseshoe crabs, a nesting site for aquatic turtles, as well as a nesting area for American bald eagles. This area offers a wealth of knowledge to researchers about the staging and migration of shorebirds, as well as the ecology of the marsh and marine wildlife as they continue to study this subject.

2. Like a breath of fresh air (quite literally), The Board of Directors of the Cumberland County Improvement Authority are moving forward on an innovative partnership project called the Regional Energy Hub. This project will leverage multiple facets of varied technologies aimed at reducing energy costs for the CCIA including: a Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) fueling station, food waste to energy, solar photovoltaics, energy efficiency, and an expansion of the CCIA’s existing landfill gas-to-kilowatt energy operation, in addition to the preservations. If all of that sounds alien to you, just know that Cumberland County Improvement Authority is partnering with a company called Constellation who is a leading competitive retail supplier of power, natural gas, and energy products for homes and businesses across the continental United States to bring you a cleaner, more fresh-breathe worthy South Jersey.

3. But there’s more! We’ve welcomed the introduction of countywide single-stream recycling allowing you to recycle the easy way by placing all of your recyclables in the same container. One and done!

4. And if all of this earth saving, air purifying news wasn’t enough, there has also been an initiative started to save water. Tarps have been placed on the surface of the landfills, creating a retention basin. Imagine with just one inch of rain fall how much water can then be saved and repurposed!

To find out more about environmental developments in Cumberland County and what you can do to help visit

7 of the Most Convenient Ways to Go Green

Before you click away from this article assuming that going green is for “tree-huggers,” allow us to convince you that going green doesn’t just help the earth, but it helps you, too.

The best news for you is that going green isn’t as inconvenient and time consuming as you may think. Thanks to the Cumberland County Improvement Authority recycling just got easier with single stream – where you can place all of your recyclables in the same container, no more sorting and separating.

And if that’s not easy enough for you, then we’ve curated with the help of, seven of the most convenient ways to go green below!

1. Support green businesses – Whether it’s your local grocery store or an online shop support those who are putting in the work (the work that sometimes we don’t feel like doing) to create a better environement.
2. Cha-Ching! Filing your taxes electronically can help to cut back on paper usage but is so much easier than going to your tax man or lady. Look into having your tax forms emailed to you instead of mailed as well.
3. Cut back on waste while getting your morning fix and take your own mug to the coffee shop — some shops will even give you a discount for bringing your own cup.
4. Going on a date or traveling? Get e-tickets for the movies through apps like Fandango or get e-tickets and boarding passes when traveling. (Hint: You’ll get to skip a lot of lines.)
5. Carpooling is the way to go – Literally. Your green commute will save you money, big time.
6. Stay updated with current events electronically by cancelling your newspaper subscription and reading the news online instead.
7. This may be the best yet, clean your car! — Extra weight in your car decreases fuel efficiency, plus your passengers will thank you!

Think of going green as your gift to the community around you, and a gift to your loved ones by creating a cleaner earth for everyone to enjoy. To find out more information on recycling in Cumberland County visit