Anti-Litter Campaigns

Annual Trash Hunt

Our Trash Hunt event is held each spring as part of Cumberland County’s Clean Communities Program. Registration is required for all volunteers.  Individual and group volunteers can register online for the event.

Participants are welcome to choose their favorite clean-up site and “hunt” for trash in Cumberland County, especially on game preserves, wildlife management areas, and other public lands. Designated collection site information is provided to all who register. Giveaways are included as part of this community event where volunteers also receive free supplies.

Annual Waterways Cleanup

Community members and groups are invited to participate in our Waterways Cleanup event held in the fall each year as part of the Cumberland County Clean Communities Program. The event is held in conjunction with the annual International Coastal Cleanup (ICC) event where volunteers worldwide clean litter and debris from lakes, streams, rivers, bays and beaches.

Individual and group volunteers choose their favorite waterway cleanup site to clear their chosen area of trash and unwanted debris.  Designated collection site information is distributed to all who register. Free giveaways include supplies needed for safe trash collection will be provided as part of this community event.

Volunteer Cleanups

The CCIA encourages volunteer cleanups throughout the year. Individuals, groups, schools, or businesses should contact the CCIA or their municipal Clean Communities Coordinators to arrange for free supplies including gloves, vests and bags and to arrange trash pickup after the event.

The Clean Communities staff through its newsletters and social media networks continue to recognize the individuals and groups that support these activities and demonstrate pride in Cumberland County by helping to keep it clean.