Renewable Landfill Gas to Energy Project

EPP Renewable Energy owns and operates a 4.8- megawatt landfill gas-to-energy plant at the Cumberland County Improvement Authority (CCIA) Solid Waste Complex in Cumberland County, New Jersey.

CCIA provides the landfill gas to fuel three engines that produce approximately 37.8 million kilowatt-hours, enough electricity to power 3,000 homes.

This landfill gas-to-energy plant reduces annual emissions by 26,000 tons of carbon dioxide. According to the EPA, the reduction of emissions is equivalent to any one of these annual environmental benefits:

  • Removing 5,100 cars from the road.
  • Planting 5,500 acres of pine forest.
  • Reducing the import of 60,600 barrels of oil.

Location: Deerfield, N.J.
Operational: November 2008
Equipment: Three Caterpillar 3520 (1.6 MW)engines Capacity: 4.8 MW
Input: Landfill methane gas
Output: Around the clock, base load power