Solid Waste Complex

The Cumberland County Improvement Authority’s Solid Waste Complex is 275 acre campus that includes the landfill cells, treatment plant, recycling facilities, vehicle maintenance garage, administration building and gas-to-energy plant.

The landfill is comprised of six cells on 75 acres and each day handles up to 550 tons of solid waste generated in Cumberland County. It has received recognition as the Best Class A Landfill in North America. Currently, the Solid Waste Complex is undergoing preparation of three cells on 35 acres which is projected to accommodate the county until 2041.

The treatment facility consists of a combination of both an ultra-filtration and reverse osmosis system used to decontaminate leachate— the liquid sludge that results from rain water and other liquids filtering through the landfill. Leachate must be collected and treated. The Cumberland County Improvement Authority is the only Solid Waste Complex in the State of New Jersey with a direct discharge permit for treated leachate.

The landfill provides the 4.8 megawatt landfill gas-to-energy plant with gas to fuel three engines that produce approximately 37.8 million kWh, enough electricity to power 3,600 homes. The plant reduces annual greenhouse gas emissions by 59 million pounds of carbon dioxide by avoiding the use of fossil fuels. The reduction of greenhouse gas emissions is equivalent to these annual environmental benefits: removing 4,900 cars from the road; decrease consumption of 3.0 million gallons of gasoline; reducing the import of 63,000 barrels of oil; decrease the use of 1.1 million propane cylinders for home barbeques.