As residents of Cumberland County and the great Garden State, we all want to live where the grass is truly greener. Through the Improvement Authority’s subscription to New Jersey’s Clean Communities and litter abatement program, bringing the green back to the block where you live starts with us and ultimately ends with you. Community effort is key. Are you ready to take back the green?

Adopting a road in Cumberland County is a wonderful way to round up family and friends, engage with students, or bring together a church group for a positive change. Choosing a road near your home not only helps out the county, but your hometown as well. You’ll be surprised at the sense of pride you have when you’ve restored the natural beauty to the roads around your home.
The Cumberland County Improvement Authority will provide all supplies and materials, and we’ll even pick up any trash that’s been collected.

Click here for a map of Cumberland County roads that have already been adopted.

Report Parks in Need
When garbage reigns over our Garden State parks, it doesn’t just pose as a health hazard. It’s unsightly and dangerous and everything wrong with improper disposal of trash and recyclables.
But you can take action when you visit a park that’s unsafe or unsanitary. When equipment is broken, if trees appear ill and are dying, or a park is just laden with litter, you can speak up! Contact your local municipality to report a park in need of care. Let’s keep Cumberland County parks clean for our kids and family, and for the environment.

Form a “Green Team”
If you’re reading this blog, then you must have compassion for the nature in Cumberland County. There are like-minded people right outside your door who also believe in a cleaner and greener community.

Post on social media or create a Facebook event, and invite those in your community to pitch in for the benefit of the neighborhood. Try to commit to meeting once every month or two at a new location, and track your progress throughout the year with before-and-after photos. Your efforts may inspire someone else to adopt a green routine.

Organize a Clean-Up
Once you’ve brought together a group devoted to giving back to the block where you live, it’s time to suit up and clean up. Survey the roads around your neighborhood home for areas with large amounts of litter. Decide on a date and a time most convenient for others to join, and don’t forget to have some fun: grab a cooler, pack up some lunch, and don’t forget to bring along the music. Cleaning up doesn’t mean you have to give up a good time. It’s what you make it!

For questions about proper disposal or to learn more about our Clean Communities Program, contact the Cumberland County Improvement Authority for the bigger picture: 856.825.3700.

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