Before you click away from this article assuming that going green is for “tree-huggers,” allow us to convince you that going green doesn’t just help the earth, but it helps you, too.

The best news for you is that going green isn’t as inconvenient and time consuming as you may think. Thanks to the Cumberland County Improvement Authority recycling just got easier with single stream – where you can place all of your recyclables in the same container, no more sorting and separating.

And if that’s not easy enough for you, then we’ve curated with the help of, seven of the most convenient ways to go green below!

1. Support green businesses – Whether it’s your local grocery store or an online shop support those who are putting in the work (the work that sometimes we don’t feel like doing) to create a better environement.
2. Cha-Ching! Filing your taxes electronically can help to cut back on paper usage but is so much easier than going to your tax man or lady. Look into having your tax forms emailed to you instead of mailed as well.
3. Cut back on waste while getting your morning fix and take your own mug to the coffee shop — some shops will even give you a discount for bringing your own cup.
4. Going on a date or traveling? Get e-tickets for the movies through apps like Fandango or get e-tickets and boarding passes when traveling. (Hint: You’ll get to skip a lot of lines.)
5. Carpooling is the way to go – Literally. Your green commute will save you money, big time.
6. Stay updated with current events electronically by cancelling your newspaper subscription and reading the news online instead.
7. This may be the best yet, clean your car! — Extra weight in your car decreases fuel efficiency, plus your passengers will thank you!

Think of going green as your gift to the community around you, and a gift to your loved ones by creating a cleaner earth for everyone to enjoy. To find out more information on recycling in Cumberland County visit

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