The Bridgeton Downtown Office Building, when completed, will be a 2 story 30,000 square foot multi-tenant office building.  Approximately 4,000 square feet is an existing 2 story building that will be renovated, and 26,000 will be new construction attached to the existing building.  The building will bridge over what was Church Lane, which will no longer be utilized for vehicular traffic, but will instead serve as a covered pedestrian walkway linking North Laurel Street and the parking areas behind the new building with Pearl Street.

The building is located within the historic district and is therefore sensitive to its surroundings, and portions of the existing building will be restored.  The addition is an extension of the existing architecture, and will be have an exterior featuring brick veneer, cast stone, double hung windows and storefront suitable for both the location and the building’s function.

Once completed, the building will house the Offices of the County Clerk, currently located in the Courthouse, along with administrative offices for CompleteCare, including multiple departments and a data center.  New parking areas will be provided along North Laurel Street, providing access for both staff and visitors.

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