Ah, the holidays—the most wasteful time of year. Every year, 4 million pounds of wrapping paper is produced. And just to put that into perspective—that’s enough to cover nearly 6,000 football fields. Seldom is wrapping paper ever reused, so it’s one-and-done, and heads off to sit in a landfill.
Help turn things around this holiday season with some of these clever gift-wrapping tips and ideas.

Comic strips—it doesn’t matter if your gift has nothing to do with old comics—just imagine how it can come to life with the vibrant colors used in DC or Marvel—or even the newspaper comic section…

Newspaper—we love how newspaper looks when wrapped up around a gift. It gives it personality, and a truly unique feel. Cut up strips of leftover paper and fashion a bow at the top, and you’ve got something you won’t find under every tree.

Old clothing—cut up an old shirt of pair of pants to cover your gifts this season. Imagine someone’s reaction when they see their gift wrapped in denim!

Recycled gift wrap—if you’re going to go out and buy wrapping paper, opt for something that’s already been recycled! It often comes in beautiful textures, so it might be the thing that sets your gift apart when it’s under the tree.

Reuse a bag—we all collect those bags from boutiques and department stores to use at another time. Repurpose one by painting over the logo and creating a festive design.

For more useful tips on recycled materials, visit our blog or contact the Cumberland County Improvement Authority at 856.825.3700.

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