Americorps Watershed Ambassador

Americorps Watershed Ambassador

The CCIA is a host agency for individuals participating in the Americorps New Jersey Watershed Ambassador Program (NJWAP).  The NJWAP addresses diverse environmental needs of the state primarily through our local waterways. Ambassadors hosted through the CCIA are responsible for the watershed management area (WMA) 17 which consists of the Maurice, Cohansey and Salem River watershed.

Each ambassador is assigned for a term from September to June.  The NJWAP is divided into three portions: streams assessments, presentations, and partnership projects.

Stream assessments help the NJWAP identify trouble spots within their management area as well as help keep running data of stream quality for the Department of Environmental Protection.

Presentations are how we engage youth into understanding about our local waterways and their impact.  The most popular presentations have been “The Mighty Macro” and “Non-Point Source Live!”  Both help illustrate the importance of stream health and ways students can positively impact their local waterways.  “The Mighty Macro” includes a discussion on the watershed as well an introduction to macroinvertebrates.  This program is ideal for high school students because they can grasp the broader concepts presented as well as handle the macroinvertebrates with care.  “Non-Point Source Live!” is a fantastic way to engage all students of any age.  Through charades, students get the opportunity to act out and understand non-point source pollution and the role they play.

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