Trash Hunt

Trash Hunt

Since its inception in 1991, over 930 tons of trash have been collected from the 75,000 acres of Cumberland County’s especially game preserves, wildlife management areas, and other public lands through the annual Trash Hunt event. The CCIA through the Clean Communities programs sponsors this event annually in March to promote awareness and accountability for protecting and preserving the environment.  People from all walks of life – sportsmen, scouts, environmental clubs, watershed organizations, and civic-minded citizens – have spent one Saturday a year at a favorite site in Cumberland County clearing trash and debris.

Cumberland County residents, as well as those from other counties who enjoy local attractions, are invited to participate. Registration is required and volunteers are provided with all the supplies needed.  Participants are welcome to choose their favorite clean-up site and “hunt” for trash in Cumberland County, especially on game preserves, wildlife management areas, and other public lands.

While participants in this event have found a decrease in trash in recreational areas over the years, many roadways and streets remain cluttered with litter. It’s up to everyone to accept responsibility for the day to day effects of litter in all areas of Cumberland County in order to keep moving forward in the right direction.

Click here for the registration form.  For more information, contact Cumberland County Clean Communities Coordinator Anthony Riviera at [email protected].

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