Waterways Cleanup

Waterways Cleanup

For more than 25 years, the Authority has hosted the annual Waterways Cleanup event as part of the Cumberland County Clean Communities Program. This event has most recently been held in conjunction with the annual International Coastal Cleanup event where volunteers worldwide will clean litter and debris from lakes, streams, rivers, bays and beaches this week.

The Authority is proud to be leading this community cleanup effort to promote awareness and accountability for protecting and preserving the environment. Water is a natural resource that everyone must safeguard. The Authority sponsors this event each year to make people more aware of the need to clear water resources of harmful and unsightly trash or debris.

The Waterways Cleanup event, held in September, is open to individuals, groups, businesses and agencies who can volunteer a few hours to clean Cumberland County waterways and public lands. Registration is required and volunteers are provided with all the supplies needed. Participants are welcome to choose their favorite site to clear of trash and unwanted debris.

For more information on the annual Waterways Cleanup, call 856-825-3700 x1270.

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