Recycling Program

Recycling Program

Recycling in NJ is a mandate for everyone!  The NJ Department of Environmental Protection is taking a firm stand on recycling in 2017 – business, school, agency, institution, and resident (including multi-family dwellings) – no exceptions.

Residents in Cumberland County can now combine all recycling materials in one container! Recycle plastics #1 & #2, steel/tin, aluminum, glass, newspapers, magazines, cartons, beverage/food containers, clean cardboard and other paper (no need to tie or bundle paper).  As more and more packaging is recyclable, it’s up to each of us to dispose of these items properly and keep as much out of the trash stream as possible.  Remember to rinse out any liquids before putting bottles or cans in the recycling bin.

Knowing what not to recycle is just as important.  Keep plastic bags out of your recycling bin.  They are major issues for recycling centers as they contaminate the other items in the recycling bin and jam separating machinery.  Shredded paper is not accepted curbside and can be brought only to the Solid Waste Complex and municipal “convenience” or “drop off” centers. Check with your local municipality for more information.  Styrofoam and ceramics are not recyclable.

If your business, school, agency, institution, or single/multifamily residents are not recycling, please contact your municipal recycling coordinator for assistance in getting on track with this state mandate.

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