Accepted Items

Accepted Items

Acceptable Items for Single Stream Curbside Recycling

Rinse before placing in recycling container.

Remove plastic bottle caps and lids and throw away.

DO Recycle at Curbside


All paper
Envelopes (with or without windows)
Cereal boxes
Cartons (juice, milk)
Junk mail
Telephone books
Cardboard (corrugated must be flattened)
Wrapping paper/tissue paper


Plastics (Only #1 & #2)
Soda/Juice bottles
Plastic food containers (food removed)
Plastic tubs, trays, pails (#1 & #2)


All glass bottles/containers/jars

Aluminum/Steel/Tin cans
Empty aerosol cans (remove lid)

Only two types of plastic:

DO NOT Recycle at Curbside

Trash or plastic bags**

Materials in plastic bags

Shredded paper*

Hazardous waste*

Non-recyclable plastics (styrofoam)

Liquids in bottles or containers

Non-recyclable glass or ceramic (china/dishware/glassware/vases)

Aluminum foil

Paper or plastic plates, towels & utensils

Rigid plastics, toys, chairs*

Plastic containers without a number

Broken glass or mirrors

Light bulbs


Wire clothes hangers

Pots and pans

Tire rims or car parts**

Food waste or garbage


Plastic Bags and materials in plastic bags

*Recycle at the Solid Waste Complex separately from curbside collection

**Recycle at your local supermarket or scrap recycling center


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