It always bestows pride into our hearts when the community that we actually live in is making tangible differences in our earth and local environment. It only makes sense that as a part of the “Garden State” Cumberland County is actually taking steps to preserve wild life, go green, and make advancements with natural gas that can create safe, clean, and affordable transportation fuel. To see what we are doing environmentally to make a positive impact reading below:

1. Did you know that Cumberland County is home to the Delaware Bay Shore Preserve? This Preserve offers a ton of cool things to not only the environment, but students, researchers, and tourists. It’s actually so cool, that The University of Delaware often holds outdoor classes and research studies on the Preserve! Delaware Bay Shore Preserve, serves as a feeding area for migratory shorebirds, a spawning area for horseshoe crabs, a nesting site for aquatic turtles, as well as a nesting area for American bald eagles. This area offers a wealth of knowledge to researchers about the staging and migration of shorebirds, as well as the ecology of the marsh and marine wildlife as they continue to study this subject.

2. Like a breath of fresh air (quite literally), The Board of Directors of the Cumberland County Improvement Authority are moving forward on an innovative partnership project called the Regional Energy Hub. This project will leverage multiple facets of varied technologies aimed at reducing energy costs for the CCIA including: a Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) fueling station, food waste to energy, solar photovoltaics, energy efficiency, and an expansion of the CCIA’s existing landfill gas-to-kilowatt energy operation, in addition to the preservations. If all of that sounds alien to you, just know that Cumberland County Improvement Authority is partnering with a company called Constellation who is a leading competitive retail supplier of power, natural gas, and energy products for homes and businesses across the continental United States to bring you a cleaner, more fresh-breathe worthy South Jersey.

3. But there’s more! We’ve welcomed the introduction of countywide single-stream recycling allowing you to recycle the easy way by placing all of your recyclables in the same container. One and done!

4. And if all of this earth saving, air purifying news wasn’t enough, there has also been an initiative started to save water. Tarps have been placed on the surface of the landfills, creating a retention basin. Imagine with just one inch of rain fall how much water can then be saved and repurposed!

To find out more about environmental developments in Cumberland County and what you can do to help visit

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