Open Public Records Act

Open Public Records Act

What is OPRA?

The Open Public Records Act became effective on July 7, 2002. It amended the prior Right to Know Law. Under the Open Public Records Act (OPRA), members of the public may have access to public records held.

The underlying purpose of OPRA is to provide that government records, with certain exceptions, be available for public inspection and copying. Not all records are disclosable under OPRA. Exceptions to public accessibility are based on such principles as: a reasonable expectation of privacy by citizens regarding records in the possession of a public agency; public safety concerns; and the need to foster unrestrained discussion and consideration of issues inside public agencies. The State of New Jersey established the Government Records Council to assist in disseminating information about OPRA. For more information, visit the State of NJ Government Records Council.

OPRA Request Form

Please remember to attach your saved and personalized version of the CCIA OPRA Request Form . All OPRA requests should be emailed to and should include the signed, completed form. Alternatively you may drop off the required documentation at the Cumberland County Improvement Authority office located at 2 N. High Street, Millville, NJ. The process for fulfilling your request will not begin until all completed, signed documentation has been received.

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