Solid Waste Complex

Solid Waste Complex

Solid Waste Complex

The CCIA monitors vehicles entering the SWC facility for compliance.  Violations subject to a fine of $4500.  Contact NJ DEP at 609-292-6305 for more information.

Deerfield Township residents are permitted Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday only to dispose at the CCIA SWC Convenience Center.  Residents are required to stop at the Scale House before proceeding to the Convenience Center.

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The CCIA’s Solid Waste Complex is 275 acre campus that includes the landfill cells, treatment plant, recycling facilities, vehicle maintenance garage, administration building and gas-to-energy plant.  Currently, the Solid Waste Complex is undergoing preparation of three cells on 35 acres which is projected to accommodate the county until 2041.

The CCIA is the only Solid Waste Complex in the State of New Jersey with a direct discharge permit for treated leachate.  The treatment facility consists of a combination of both an ultra-filtration and reverse osmosis system used to decontaminate leachate— the liquid sludge that results from rain water and other liquids filtering through the landfill. Leachate must be collected and treated.

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