Solid Waste Complex

Solid Waste Complex

Solid Waste Complex

Through shared services agreements, the CCIA Fleet Maintenance program provides maintenance for municipal and county vehicles

The Convenience Center is an alternative for disposing of bulk items or items not picked up at curbside.  It’s open to the residents of Cumberland County.  Follow the signs to our Customer Scale House and refer to the Accepted Items and Fees schedule for applicable fees.

Realizing the global concern for fuel production and air quality, the CCIA has implemented the use of CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) collection vehicles. The CNG filling station located at the front entrance of the SWC quickly and conveniently fills these vehicles. 

The CCIA’s Solid Waste Complex is 275 acre campus that includes the landfill cells, treatment plant, recycling facilities, vehicle maintenance garage, administration building and gas-to-energy plant.  Currently, the Solid Waste Complex is undergoing preparation of three cells on 35 acres which is projected to accommodate the county until 2041.

The CCIA is the only Solid Waste Complex in the State of New Jersey with a direct discharge permit for treated leachate.  The treatment facility consists of a combination of both an ultra-filtration and reverse osmosis system used to decontaminate leachate— the liquid sludge that results from rain water and other liquids filtering through the landfill. Leachate must be collected and treated.

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