Whether you’re sunning it up in San Juan or seeking adventure in the Adirondacks this summer, some things slip your mind. Tropical drinks, sand in your hair, kids all running amuck—the last thing anyone thinks about on vacation is responsibility. And understandably! You work hard, and you play hard, too. But that doesn’t mean all you know should go right out the scenic window of your three-and-a-half-star hotel.

When you’re camping, road-tripping, or seeing the sights this summer, respectfully recycle with the following tips:

1. Road trips—you love them or hate them. And if you love them, chances are you’ve brought along a good soundtrack, lots of snacks, and a cooler filled with soda. Bring a long a few trash bags to stow your empty cans, bottles, wrappers, and rubbish in. Keep your car clean and your conscious, too!

2. No Vacancy for litter. If you’re overnight at a hotel, ask the clerk at check-in about the best way to recycle items from your room. And waiting for the maid in the morning is probably not the best way! It’s never acceptable to trash an item that can be recycled; take action where you stay.

3. Reuse, reduce. It’s hard to take the kids into the pharmacy or dollar store in the summer time without coming out with brightly-colored shovels, pails, and sand molds. But instead of buying MORE plastic, look around your home for interestingly-shaped objects or buckets. A serving spoon is much more durable than a flimsy plastic shovel!

4. Prepping for the trip. It can be exciting to pick up last-minute items before going on holiday this summer. Hair care items, new perfume, after shave, and sunblock too. But think about your options—what is most responsible and cost-effective: buying one of every travel-size product on the shelf, or purchasing reusable bottles to fill with mouthwash, body wash, shampoo, conditioner, etc? Make the best decision for you and the environment.

For more tips on how to GO GREEN in summer ’17, scroll through the rest of our blog, or contact the Cumberland County Improvement Authority at 856.825.3700.

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