VINELAND, NJ: The Vineland City Council approved a resolution on Tuesday which establishes a Shared Services Agreement with the Cumberland County Improvement Authority (CCIA) for construction of a new police station.

As part of the agreement, the CCIA will bond for and undertake the general contracting, project management, and financing for the new police facility. At the end of the construction, the city will lease the building from the CCIA at lease payments equal to the payments under the CCIA bonding. At the completion of the lease, the CCIA will transfer ownership of the property to the city for $1.00. This saves the city the need to bond the project and undertake contracting for the many facets of construction, while still retaining overall control of the project.

“Since taking office, I have stressed the importance of adopting a strategic business-like approach to decision making which identifies and mobilizes public and private resources in support of a common vision,” stated Mayor Anthony Fanucci. “This includes identifying shared services opportunities where practical, and forming partnerships with regional development entities on projects that will benefit residents and businesses. This agreement will do so by providing necessary services at a cost savings to Vineland taxpayers.”

“There is no doubt that the existing Vineland Police building, which dates to 1966, has reached the end of its productive lifecycle and no longer meets the city’s policing needs,” Mayor Fanucci continued. “To keep pace with the safety requirements of our community, a new police services building with adequate space for effective policing operations is essential. However, I believe by leveraging the construction expertise of the CCIA, we can complete the project well below the $25 million estimate offered by the previous administration.”

“We are excited at the prospect of working with the City of Vineland,” said CCIA Executive Director Jerry Velazquez. “This is exactly the type of project the CCIA was set up to handle. It is a big deal for us that the largest city in the county recognizes the benefits that can be realized through a partnership with the CCIA. We have a record of completing projects on-time and under budget, and we look forward to providing these services to the city.”

“The current building has served us well for over 50 years,” said Police Chief Rudy Beu. “But time has made it both physically and functionally obsolete. Moving this project forward demonstrates the commitment Mayor Fanucci and City Council have made to keeping Vineland a safe, forward-looking community.”

“The investment in a new facility will enhance our law enforcement and public safety operations for decades to come,” said City Council President Paul Spinelli. “Additionally, the proposed financing approach allows the city to make a significant investment in our community within existing and projected resources.”

“As Mayor, I am strongly committed to providing state-of-the-art facilities that enable our police force to do their jobs safely and more efficiently in a quality work environment in order to better serve the residents of Vineland,” Mayor Fanucci concluded.

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